Migration Night Part 1

So it’s finally migration night for serve-you.net, and so far things are not starting smoothly. I tried to start the backup, and of course there appears to be a bug in the backup utility, which is supposedly resolved in the next version of Plesk. So I figure I might as well do the upgrade first, since the server I am migrating to is already running the latest version. Of course the upgrade fucking breaks! So now I first have to fix this hozed up upgrade before I can do the backup, migrate the data, then restore it.

It’s gonna be a long night!

Update 12:30AM
My ninja skills are still in tact. Got Plesk mostly working again, backup is now running.

Update 1:50AM transfer is going so slow. I’m only getting 1.4MB/s between the two servers, and I have 4.5GB of compressed data to transfer.

End Game 3:35am Well, it just wasn’t meant to be tonight. It’s 3:30 in the morning, and the restore has failed twice. Giving up on this attempt, and I’m gonna have to reschedule this damn thing.