If you are old enough to remember the GI JOE cartoons, then you probably remember the Public Service Announcements that ran in the commercial breaks. These video’s are the most ridiculously funny clips. They are the original PSA’s with voice overs saying some of the most retarded things. All videos were created by Eric Fensler. He has a bunch of other random clips on his site, that are good for a laugh as well, but these can’t be beat.

Who want's A body massage?

PSA 1 memememememememe
PSA 2 sacked
PSA 3 body massage
PSA 4 fire on your sleeve
PSA 5 give him the stick
PSA 6 smoke alarm
PSA 7 pork chop sandwiches
PSA 8 shiiiiitt
PSA 9 gijoooooooeee
PSA 10 we should totally hit it again
PSA 11 there’s no retard in team
PSA 12 jeep crash
PSA 13 you better bring it
PSA 14 i just want to ride my motorcycle
PSA 15 help computer
PSA 16 lightning
PSA 17 get in the fridge
PSA 18 brian you aint no pimp
PSA 19 wake up on fire
PSA 20 i believe i knew your mother
PSA 21 my turn
PSA 22 look at all your different colored hats
PSA 23 konichiwa
PSA 24 aren’t you buzz light year?
PSA 25 these beats are so fresh