The area is devoted to customizing your android device.

DISCLAIMER: Rooting your phone will void your warranty, and can be dangerous. You may end up with a “bricked” device if anything goes wrong. I take no responsibility if something happens to your device. If you are ever in doubt STOP! This is not something to take lightly.

I’m a techogeek through and through. When android was first announced, I was excited by the prospects of what you could do with this OS. Being that I’m a linux engineer, the idea of being able to hack my phone in the same way that I can on my computer was very appealing. Some wonder why, others just do it.

I recommend keeping two different SD cards for your phone. One for your data/backups, and the other for hacking purposes. The card you use for flashing generally needs to be formatted as fat32. While you can use this for anything, there’s always the chance something stupid happens, and you need to reformat the card. Thus, keeping your data on another card altogether makes perfect sense. The second card doesn’t have to be huge, but I’d recommend sticking with something 1GB or higher, so you don’t constantly have to delete ROMS.