This page Is for the Red vs. Blue videos that I have collected. They are in whatever format I downloaded them in at the time I got them. Some are high res, most are low. They range anywhere from 6MB – 80MB in size, so please don’t abuse my bandwidth, or I’ll have to cut ya. If you enjoy them as much as I do, please consider sponsoring Rooster Teeth, so they will continue to make these gems. There are more videos there that are for sponsors only, that I will not post here. All content is copyright Rooster Teeth Productions, LLC

Season 1

Episode 1 Why Are We Here?
Episode 2 Red Gets a Delivery
Episode 3 The Rookies
Episode 4 Head Noob in Charge
Episode 5 The Package is in the Open
Episode 6 1.21 Giga-Whats??
Episode 7 Check Out The Treads on That Tank
Episode 8 Don’t Ph34r the Reaper
Episode 9 After Church
Episode 10 A Shadow of His Former Self
Episode 11 Knock, knock. Who’s there? Pain.
Episode 12 Down, but not Out
Episode 13 Human Peer Bonding
Episode 14 Roomier Than it Looks
Episode 15 How the Other Half Lives
Episode 16 A Slightly Crueler Cruller
Episode 17 Points of Origin
Episode 18 SPF 0
Episode 19 Last One Out, Hit the Lights

Season 2

Episode 20 Everything Old is New Again
Episode 21 Motion to Adjourn
Episode 22 Red vs Bleu
Episode 23 The Joy of Toggling
Episode 24 Sweet Ride
Episode 25 Last Words
Episode 26 Nobody Likes You
Episode 27 Nine Tenths of the Law
Episode 28 In Stereo Where Available
Episode 28.5 The Last Episode Ever
Episode 29 Radar Love
Episode 30 I Dream of Meanie
Episode 31 Room For Rent
Episode 32 Me, Myself and You
Episode 33 An Audience of Dumb
Episode 34 Aftermath, Before Biology
Episode 35 What’s Mine is Yours
Episode 36 Nut. Doonut.
Episode 37 Dealer Incentive
Episode 38 K.I.T. B.F.F.

Season 3

Episode 39 Best Laid Plans
Episode 40 Visiting Old Friends
Episode 41 Let’s Get Together
Episode 42 You’re The Bomb, Yo
Episode 43 Make Your Time
Episode 44 We Must Rebuild
Episode 45 New Toys
Episode 46 We’re Being Watched
Episode 47 It’s A Biological Fact
Episode 48 Heavy Metal
Episode 49 Roaming Charges
Episode 50 Silver Linings
Episode 51 Episode 50 part 2
Episode 52 Have We Met?
Episode 53 Come To Order
Episode 54 Hello My Name Is Andrew
Episode 55 Defusing The Situation
Episode 56 Calm Before The Storm
Episode 57 The Storm

Season 4

Episode 58 Familiar Surroundings
Episode 59 Hunting Time
Episode 60 Fight or Fright
Episode 61 Fair Competition
Episode 62 Lost in Triangulation
Episode 63 The Hard Stop
Episode 64 Previous Commitments
Episode 65 Looking For Group
Episode 66 Exploring Our Differences
Episode 67 Setting A High Bar
Episode 68 Getting All Misty
Episode 69 Talk Of The Town
Episode 70 Sneaking In
Episode 71 You Keep Using That Word
Episode 72 Getting Debriefed
Episode 73 Under The Weather
Episode 74 Right To Remain Silenced
Episode 75 Things Are Looking Down
Episode 76 Two for One
Episode 77 The Arrival

Season 5
Episode 78 You Can’t Park Here
Episode 79 Got Your Back
Episode 80 Baby Steps
Episode 82 Sibling Arrivalries
Episode 82 The Grif Reaper
Episode 83 In Memoriam
Episode 84 Strong Male Figure
Episode 85 Yellow Fever
Episode 86 Brass Tacks
Episode 87 The Nesting Theory
Episode 88 Spelunked
Episode 89 The Haystack
Episode 90 Terms and Provisions
Episode 91 Missed Direction
Episode 92 Where Credit Is Due
Episode 93 Biting The Hand
Episode 94 Tucker Knows Best
Episode 95 Loading…
Episode 96 The Wrong Crowd
Episode 97 Uncommunicado
Episode 98 Same Old, Same Old
Episode 99 Repent, The End Is Near
Episode 100 Why Were We Here?

Trailers, PSA’s, & other random RvB Videos

PSA 1 W.M.D.
PSA 2 Armor Cleaning
PSA 3 Tattoo Point/Counterpoint
PSA 4 The PDC Video
PSA 6 A Message to the Science Community
PSA Winter 2005 Cold and Flu Season
Real Live vs The Internet
PSA July 4th 4th of July Safety Tips
PSA Mother’s Day
PSA Tax Day
PSA Thanksgiving 2004 Indigestion 2004
PSA Christmas 2004 Old Annoyance Be Forgot
Zero Hour RvB’s Special Zero Video
TRL Video Red vs Blue on MTV
Lethargy Crisis Tips to survive those rising gas prices
The Winter Lames RvB has some advice for the Olympics
New Year’s Video Vive la Resolution!
Out of Mind Part One The first installment of RvB’s bonus mini-series.
Out of Mind Part Two The second installment of RvB’s Xbox Live Mini-series
Out of Mind Part Three It’s the one that comes after Part 2
Out of Mind Part Four OOM IV
Out of Mind Part Five The Last Chapter of OoM