I should be asleep

I’m on hour 24 of my day. I had no intentions of staying up this long, but shit keeps coming up.

I woke up yesterday at about 4:00pm, showered and brought my car the the dealer for an oil change & inspection. To my surprise, it failed state inspection, cuz my tires are starting to show thread all around. So I came home, and ordered 4 new ones from tirerack.com, and had them shipped to the dealer. They should be there by tomorrow or Friday, so I’ll drop my car off and have them mount em n shit, then reinspect it.

After that, we went to get a nice meal at pf changs. It always amazes me how cheap that place is. After dinner, I decided that it was time to rebuild my computer. It has been freezing up in X way too frequently, and it has been doing this through several versions of XFree & nvidia drivers, so a clean install had to be done.

I decided that I’m gonna take a journey into the darkside (ie, Debian). As most people who know me are aware, I HATE Debian for several reasons. Mainly the asshole zealots. But the development branches piss me off, amongst other things. But apt is great, and the stability of a Debian machine is hard to beat.

I recently checked out a relatively new Debian based distro called Libranet, and it was quite slick. One of the only distros out there that I could see using daily. So I figured what the hell,… if I don’t like it, I can wipe it and do a clean install of whatever te fuck else I want anyway. Install was smooth, after updataing just about every package on the system, I now have a nice bloody desktop.

While doing this, I had to take Stephs car to get it’s inspection and emissions done. I got there at like 11:30, and the dude was already gone for lunch till 1:00. So I went to BK and got a vegiburger, then picked up a magazine and sat in the car and read for an hour. Finally at 1:45 I was on my way home.

After that I came back here to work on my computer again, and the doorbell rings. To my surprise, it’s Verizon (completely unannounced). The guy sits out back on the phone with Covad for a while and says, our loop is fine, it’s Covad’s problem. I’m like WTF? So I say whatever, and let him go on his way. I came up here, and checked the router. Sure enough it’s trying to link. I powercycle it, and it links up! However, it’s not performing quite as fast as it should be. Since I haven’t heard back from Covad yet, I can only assume that they are looking into it. So with any luck this might actually fucking work!

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