Halo 3 is the shit

Haven’t posted in a bit, so I thought I’d write something about what I’ve been doing lately.

I got Halo 3 the day it came out (of course). I played the campaign for a few days, and it was cool, but I’ve never really cared about the story line. I’ve always been a fanatic about the multi-player. So once I got a stable network connection up there, I got on xbox live, and I have been playing it pretty much every evening after work. It kicks much ass!

We saw Clutch last weekend up in Hagerstown, and they were awesome! I have waited a long time to see them, and they are fantastic live. Actually considering going to the show at the 9:30 club next month to see them again.

I went and saw Danzig the other night in Baltimore, and I’m sad to say, it was a huge disappointment. I’ve never been a huge Danzig or Misfits fan, but I’ve always liked them. I just wasn’t feeling it at all. I sat upstairs watching them on a tv and drinking instead of hanging around in the crowds. It’s sad that this was probably the highlight of some of these people’s lives.

The trip to California is happening in a couple of weeks. Assuming all of San Diego hasn’t burned down by then,we’ll be traveling from San Jose/San Fransisco, to Monterey, then LA, Palm Desert, then San Diego where we will fly back from.

Other than that, not a lot has been going on. We’ve been doing stuff to get ready for the party. I’ve been watching as much football as I have time for. Good game coming up tonight, that I’m really looking forward to VT vs. BC. I would have gone down to Blacksburg for it if I hadn’t had the concert this week, and a vacation coming up.


USC just lost to Stanford! I am in shock! They’ve been playing like crap, but still, Stanford? A team that has less wins over the past 5 years than USC has losses. It’s fitting though, considering Stanford was the last team to beat them at home… 6 years ago.


Time flies when you work 10 – 12 hours a day

I seriously can’t believe it’s already mid September. I have been working a lot of crazy long days (more than usual) lately. It’s not that I’m required to do so, I just find myself still working at 6 or 7 PM most days. It’s a bug I have. I know that me working late doesn’t make the work go away, but for some reason I continue to do it.

Saturday, had coffee, did a little shopping, then came home and watched football on and off all day. Went out for chinese, then came home and forced myself to sit through the VT vs. LSU game. Sad, sad game. The only good that came of it was Glennon getting the boot, and Tryod getting to step in. There is hope VT fans!

On Sunday, we went out to Alexandria to see Tony & Dawn’s new house, then have dinner in Old Town at Austin Grill. Food was great, so was the company. We walked around Old Town a bit, and caught up. It’s been way too long since we’ve hung out. Definitely gonna try to make it a more regular thing.

Monday evening I decided to take off early (read: on time), went to Bungalow Billiards with Tony & Ivan for $1 Coronitas & pool. We had a good time, then came back to my place to watch the first half of the Monday Night Football game.

Still working on that stupid Debian build. After I got things working last week, I find out that now people want to have some input on how I deploy this. I’m like WTF? I asked the day that I heard about this deal, to get requirements. Not one fucking person spoke up with anything productive. 2 weeks later they want to talk about “standards”. So I have to start from scratch. On top of all this, I can’t even start builds until I get this massive re cabling project done in one of our Data Centers. I finally got the approval on the contracting quote, but of course the contractors are slammed this week. Might have to do a Saturday babysitting session. Once I get all the cabling done, I have to reconfigure & migrate 14 enclosure switches over to our other network. Fun stuff.

Friday night, is migration night for serve-you.net. I’m really not looking forward to it, but I’m ready to get it out of the way. Especially since I’m paying for both of these servers right now, which really isn’t cheap.

We are Virginia Tech

So I’m talking to a friend at about noon on Friday, and I ask him what his plans are for the first Virginia Tech game of the season tomorrow, He’s like, we’re heading down to Blacksburg at 3:00 today. I tell him he sucks, and he’s like: I got a couple extra tickets, you wanna go? Of course I do! So I drop what I’m doing at work, head home grab my toothbrush and shit, and headed out to his place to hitch a ride down there.

We got into Blacksburg at about 7:00PM, and went to a friend’s house down there where we would all crash. Once we unloaded the van, we all went downtown to get some dinner at The Cellar. After a few pitchers of beer, we headed back to the house and partied into the morning with everyone coming in for the game. After a few hours of sleep, we all got up around 7:00AM and packed up the 2 vehicles we were taking to the game.

One of the guys we always tailgate with works for a company that does business with Wes Worsham, so he hooks him up with tickets, and parking passes whenever he can. So we had an awesome tailgate spot just outside of the stadium. We setup, had some food and some morning cocktails. I’m not really sure how or when it started, but it’s been a tradition before every game with this group to play “the big beer game”. Basically, everyone buys the biggest nastiest cans of beer they can find. Usually it’s a lot of crazy high alcohol content malt liquor’s. You get a few decent beers, and the loser is Zima. This time, someone found the most foul shit I have ever seen “Budweiser Chelada”, which is Bud & Clamato juice. The game in a nutshell is, you pick a card from a deck, and whoever has the highest card picks first, then the next highest and so on. The loser gets the zima. I lucked out this time, and ended up with a fosters. After the big beer game, it was time to head in for all the festivities.

This was a very big game, not because of who the opponent was (who gives a shit about ECU?), but because it’s the first game since the horrible events of 4.16.2007, A day that we will never forget. The ceremony was very emotional. Many tears were shed, but I felt a sense of a new beginning. The school is so strong, and so is the entire community. I’m honored to have been there.

The game itself was less than stellar. Sean Glennon threw an interception on the first VT possession. It never got much better either. We won, but it wasn’t pretty. The spread for the game was something like 27 points. We won 17-7. In the end though, a win is still listed as a win. It will be interesting next week at LSU.

After the game, we headed back out to our tailgate and fired up the grill. Much food was consumed. Much beer was consumed. Many bodies were sun burned. It was a great afternoon. We packed things up around 6:00PM and headed back out to our friend’s house. We grilled up some burgers, then continued to drink through the night. Watched the USC game and finally crashed at like 2:00AM. We got up pretty early this morning and hit the road around 10:00AM. I got back into town around 2:00. Steph and I just got back from having chinese food, and watching Superbad. I enjoyed it a lot.

Tomorrow I’m going to attempt to finish mulching the yard. Now I think I’m going to go shower and relax in bed.


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We are the Hokies.
We will prevail.
We will prevail.
We will prevail.
We are Virginia Tech.
-Nikki Giovanni 4.17.2007

Where did my weekend go?

Seriously. Can I have it back?

All in all, it was a decent weekend. I took Friday off for no reason other than the fact that I work too much, and my boss thought I should take a day. After the whole being called several times thing from 3-4 AM, I finally got back to sleep at around 7, then got up at like 9. Wen downstairs and played the search and release game on at ticket bastard until I got some good seats for the Van Halen show. Ended up with some pretty decent seats, but the shit was completely over priced. Had coffee with Steph and Benny, then decided to go have lunch with a friend I never get to hang out with. My 12:00 lunch turned out to be an all day thing, as we sat and talked tech until 5PM. After Steph got home and we ate dinner, I spent the rest of the night working on more prep work for the big migration.

Didn’t do much yesterday. We had brunch at Clydes which is always excellent, then ran some errands and came home. We got a nice console table for the foyer, which Steph has been bugging me about for a while. I have to admit it looks pretty good, and she even built the thing herself! I spent the better part of the day & night working on stuff for this site. I got things looking the way I want now, and I’ve started uploading old content. I got all the Red vs Blue videos setup on a page, as well as the GI JOE PSA’s, and I have begun uploading old HOWTO’s & Docs that I’ve written in the past. I’m pretty happy with how things are coming together. WordPress has come a long way from the last time I set it up a couple of years ago.

Today, my company had a 5 year anniversary party for us. Since we are essentially a satellite office (we are headquartered in Santa Clara, CA), we basically get a budget to do whatever the hell we want. So we rented out the Dulles Golf Center & Sports Park, and had it catered by Famous Dave’s. It was a lot of fun! We hit some balls at the batting cage, emptied a couple of buckets at the driving range, played some basketball, and ate and drank beer. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Other than that, not a whole lot else going on. I’m waiting on some new flash tutorials to be developed for my hosting site, before I send out the notification on the migration. I’m thinking I’ll probably do it in 2 weeks.