All telcos are ass fuckz!

So last night was brutal. Sales got a bug up their asses cuz it was end of the month and they hadn’t sold shit all month, so they made up for it in 12 hours. I had 30 servers waiting for me when I got to work last night. By the time I left at almost 10 this morning, there were only 4 left. My team kickz ass!

So I came home, ate a bagel, and started working on some shit before I go to bed, and all of the sudden the interweb went *p00f*! I knew immediately that the cock bitez at BTN shut off my T1 early! Fuckerz! I was not fully prepared to switch over to the new network yet, so I had to make some quick changes to the new firewall, and got the important machines back online. I still have a shitload of rulez to add to the firewall, but I’m too fuckin tired, and there is really nothing important here anymore except my monitoring machine, a name server (which I now have a secondary offsite), and the mail server.

So now I’m gonna crash.

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