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Another weekend gone, Another Monday is here. Friday night, my computer decided it was not gonna run anymore, and took the night off. I tried to tech it for a while, but it kept crashing after like 2 minutes, so I decided to give up, and let it have the night off. Saturday I installed my AEM CAI in my car. VROOOOM!!! When I cam home, I started in on the computer again, I looked into the bios, and found my CPU temp at 175 degrees an rising fast! I rebooted it with the case open, and found that one of the fans on my CPU was dead. This is not a good thing when you have an athlon. They are run very hot. Even with two fans, they run at about 125 degrees, under normal conditions. So yesterday I picked up a new fan, and it was happy again. We went out to the house yesterday and came to the realization that we’re gonna be living there inside of 3 weeks! We have so much stuff to do, like I dunno PACK!!! I hafta call the main office of our builder to see if they have a closing date for us yet. My guess is in about 2 weeks.

Well, I got back into town yesterday around 4pm. The class turned out to be only about 3 hours, and completely useless. My filight was not scheduled till 7pm, but I was able to get on a 2:00 flight. Took me 45 minutes to get to my car and get outta dulles. Then I got to sit in a cluster fuck of traffic most of the way home. We went out for chinese food, then I went out to my friends place for a party. A friend of mine and I left at the same time, and were both booking up the toll road. I set off the alarm at won of the booths, cuz a quarter missed the basket. Oops!

Steph and I got up early, and drove up to get my amp and sub installed. While it was being done, we went up to tysons to try and do some shopping. We didn’t get much, we got Steph a silly monkey at build-a-bear, and we ate some fries. After that, we decided to go over to tysons II (a really posh mall). We went to fao schwartz, played with the toys, and managed to leave there with only about $35 worth of stuff.

After we got back, we decided to go to DC to play games at ESPN Zone. We had a blast there, then walked of to Fridays, to get Steph the firebites she’s been craving for like two weeks, only to find that they were closed early. We ended up coming back to Va. and going to Denny’s instead.

Now it’s time to relax. Is it really 2am already?!?

It’z finally Friday!!!
This week has been long as hell. Not sure what all I’m doing this weekend. I know I am going to get some more stuff installed in my car tomorrow, and go get an oil change. Steph sayz I’m becoming a grease monkey, because I am always looking at stuff for my car lately. I decided that I want to soup up my car, and keep it for a while. I had thought about trading it in for a new one a lil while back, so I hadn’t made any modifications to it. Someone else, who will remain nameless (R O B), is callin me riceboy now. hehehe I don’t care, cuz my car iz gonna be even more smokin than it already is!

Back to work today, after I ended up taking yesterday off due to my being here till 1am on sunday. Got my car stereo installed yesterday, I feel like such a dumbass. My friend and I tried to do it last week, and we could not get the OEM out. We even called acura, and they were like, “oh you have to remove all of the paneling around the bottom of the dash, and there will be two gold screws” 3 hours later and a stripped down dash, no joy! This dude did it in 20 minutes yesterday. He was like, “did you try to do it yourself”? I said “yeah” he’s like “I saw the pry marks”. hehe oh well. It’s in, it rockz! now I juzt need an amp and a flyass infinity perfect sub, and i’ll be oontz’n my way through dc.