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Ahhh…. BT was good. I’m completely over the whole club thing though. I don’t miss being there at all. Almost got in a fight with some dork. That was exciting. Now I am tired, and ready for tomorrow to be over already, so I can enjoy the weekend and try to get some rest. I am on call all week next week, which meanz I will likely not get much sleep :p

Well,.. another day, another dollar. Woke up very tired this morning, more so than usual. This 4 hourz sleep per night shit, has got to stop. I guess I’m getting old hehe

I have a long day of work, and talking to loan officers all day. It’s barrells of fun. They call Steph first, and she just goes “ummm, you should talk to Dan”. and gives em my number. They all seem fairly nice though, so I don’t mind terribly. Just want the money!

Tonight is the BT show! I am pretty stoked about it. If ya dunno who BT is, I’d suggest checkin him out. He 0wnz j00!!!

Back to work today, after I ended up taking yesterday off due to my being here till 1am on sunday. Got my car stereo installed yesterday, I feel like such a dumbass. My friend and I tried to do it last week, and we could not get the OEM out. We even called acura, and they were like, “oh you have to remove all of the paneling around the bottom of the dash, and there will be two gold screws” 3 hours later and a stripped down dash, no joy! This dude did it in 20 minutes yesterday. He was like, “did you try to do it yourself”? I said “yeah” he’s like “I saw the pry marks”. hehe oh well. It’s in, it rockz! now I juzt need an amp and a flyass infinity perfect sub, and i’ll be oontz’n my way through dc.