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Why are people so goddamn stupid?!?!

If you get an email, and it has an attachment, DONT FUCKING OPEN IT UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS!!!! I am sick and tired of stupid fucking people shutting down mail servers because they can’t take a minute to look before they click. It’s bad enough that the dumbasses who write the virii exist. Hint to all out there, if you dont write vb and you get an attachment that has the extension of .vbs, IT IS PROBABLY A FUCKING VIRUS!

Weekends just aren’t long enough anymore. I had a good weekend, but got nothing done that I wanted too. We went to see the oriole’s get their asses handed to them on Friday. Aside from them sucking so badly, we still had a good time.

I slept till three on Saturday, since I had a total of like 10 hours of sleep all week. Steph and I went out to CPK, then did some shopping, and headed over to a friends place for a party. I was going to attempt round three against the firewall afterwards, but I had zero patience to deal with it, so I decided to just say forget about it, till this week.

Sunday, we went out to look at the new house, itz looking awesome. They have finished the bricks on the front, and we should be ready to do the pre-drywall inspection this week. If they keep on schedule, we should be ready to move in around the first or second week of November.

After the house, we met up with some friends and headed out to the zoo. Coming from that area, I had no idea how to get there, and apparently neither did anyone else in the car, so we wandered around the various ghettoz of dc until we finally stopped and got a map. The zoo is always fun, especially with Steph. The highlight of our trip was Steph saying wouldn’t it be funny if they started doing it. I guess the male took it as a dare, cuz he walked up to the female, lifted her tail, said this will do, and mounted her like a $2 whore.

After the zoo, we all headed back out to Va, and met up at the Macaroni Grill for dinner. Our server sucked, as they do about every other time we go. The food was good though, and itz always good going out with friends.

Believe it or not, I actually got even less sleep than the night before. I was up workin on the firewall again, had everything workin great, then i noticed that Steph’z computer had locked up. So I was like, okay, this would be a good opportunity to change her over to the internal address. So I reboot her, put the new ip on it, the firewall saw her, Icould see her, but I couldnt ping out from her box. I am completely boggled, the firewall says everythingz okay, i could see her from an external address and all. At this point, it was gettin real late, so I was like fuck it, I’ll put her back on the external IP, and deal with her machine tomorrow. So I switched her IP back, and tried to ping the gateway, with no love. I was completely at a loss, and figured it hadta be an ARP issue, but by this time it was around 4am and i hadta be up in less than 3 hourz, so i brought down the firewall, and dumped everything back on to the external net. I then tried to ping out from her machine again, once again no love. Juzt for shitz and gigglez, I tried to connect her cam program to the server, and it worked! Her stupid fucking net utility iz broke ass! So chances are it was fine behind the firewall. I guess I’ll find out this weekend. GRRRR

I am surprisingly awake for only getting 3 hourz of sleep last night, or this morning I should say. I stayed up way to late working on the firewall. I ran into a few problems with ARP, and ended up having to setup proxy ARP. I should hopefully have everything working tonight. Sorry for any latency you may have been/Will be experiencing on the web server.