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I had a pretty good weekend. I got a shitload of work done on the site, even got that form working (though I still have to add a few functions to it). Just a few minor adjustments to make and the site should be ready to go live later on today. Unfortunately, that is about all I did this weekend. There’s a ton of stuff I need to do around the house. You’d think that since Steph is home all day now that she’d have more free time to get stuff done. This is so not the case! I’m sure she’ll have a lot more time starting this week, since my slave drivin ass (as she put’s it) won’t be making her work on my site in her free time. I am waiting to here from the landscaper’s today, to find out when they are gonna be able to come out and finish the patio job. I decided to just let them do the whole thing, since the price it would cost me to have them just do the excavation, and hauling, was over half the cost to finish it off including materials. I can’t wait to have it done so we can get the rest of the backyard lookin good. China is killing all the grass out there from peeing on it. I need to figure out if theres something to help avoid it. I dont remember my grass being dead when I had dog’s before.

f r i d a y
I’ll be takin a 3 day weekend, cuz Monday is my birfday. I don’t really care much bout my birfday, but I wont work on it. Finally got around to makin some callz yesterday. I’m goin to the acura dealer tonight to get them to fix my fuckin fog lightz finally. Then tomorrow I go to royal auto glass to replace my windsheild AGAIN. Hopefully I can get them to do it for free, cuz in July when they did it, They did not do a very good job. And I’m pretty sure this crack did not come from a rock chip, cuz it’s in a really odd place like right under a wiper blade, and I can’t feel the chip from the outside. I also talked to a landscaping company about coming out to finish digging out and leveling my backyard, so I can finish the patio.

Go look bitchez!

Okay, I know I am a slack ass, and havent written an entry in a long time. This is important though. Everyone go read this now!

Now, about me…
I have been busy as all hell lately. I am very happy that the holidays are over, since they take up way too much time and money. We are still waiting for the T1, I am waiting on a status update as we speak. We have been doing tonz of stuff on the servers in the downtime. Steph has been doing a major overhaul of all of the galleries again. I have been working on some scripts and other behind the scenes stuffz. Aside from that it’s been all about home depot. I am there at least once a week! I have done all kindsa stuff to the house, and I’m lovin it.

Well,.. I’m back at work today. I now need a vacation from my vacation, since I got no rest the entire time. Luckily I only have today and tomorrow, then the four day weekend. Too bad I’m on call all week though. So far everything is great at the house, still have a few things that need to get done, but we are mostly unpacked, and I got a lot of the projects I wanted to get done, done. Now, I’m just waitin for my DSL to get setup, so I can move the servers home.

Okay, so I know I haven’t written anything in a while, I’ve been busy. My vacation officially started today YAY! Yesterday we had our final walk-thru in the house. Surprisingly, there were only a few minor things that needed done. Like touch up some paint here or there. If my damn mortgage processor actually gets off her ass and gets things done today, we should be all set for closing on Wednesday. It will be a busy vacation for me, I am going to get boxes today. We haven’t started packing at all. Steph has done a little organizing, but no real packing. The movers are scheduled to be here Friday morning sometime between 8 & 10. Before then, I need to move my fish which I am not looking forward to. Not only will the fish be incredibly stressed from being bagged for at least an hour, but it is going to be hard to salvage much water. 55 Gallons is a lot of water! I’ll be lucky if I can save more than a few gallons. Which means I will hafta add at least 10 gallons of water to the tank as right away, and fish really don’t like that. Well, gotta get this day started.

Believe it or not, I actually don’t have anything to rant about today. Need to find out a real date for when we close on the house. I already setup the phone, and electricity, still gotta do gas. Based on my cross streets, covad says I “should” be able to get dsl there. Ima fill out the pre-qual forms today. Once I get a reasl date, I can actually arrange for the movers and kick my butt into gear and start packing and shit.

Another weekend gone, Another Monday is here. Friday night, my computer decided it was not gonna run anymore, and took the night off. I tried to tech it for a while, but it kept crashing after like 2 minutes, so I decided to give up, and let it have the night off. Saturday I installed my AEM CAI in my car. VROOOOM!!! When I cam home, I started in on the computer again, I looked into the bios, and found my CPU temp at 175 degrees an rising fast! I rebooted it with the case open, and found that one of the fans on my CPU was dead. This is not a good thing when you have an athlon. They are run very hot. Even with two fans, they run at about 125 degrees, under normal conditions. So yesterday I picked up a new fan, and it was happy again. We went out to the house yesterday and came to the realization that we’re gonna be living there inside of 3 weeks! We have so much stuff to do, like I dunno PACK!!! I hafta call the main office of our builder to see if they have a closing date for us yet. My guess is in about 2 weeks.

Another Monday.
Had a busy weekend. Went out to see the house, it’s looking great, Aside from the wrong counters being installed in the kitchen. Hopefully that will be the only thing that needs to be corrected. I dont want any setbacks, I wanna move in a month! After the house, we went out to skyline drive. It was beautiful up there, almost peak foliage. After the long drive back, we finally went grocery shopping (we haven’t gone in at least 3 weeks).

s i g h
I have been so bored with work lately. I have had a hard time getting anything productive done all week. I need a vacation. Maybe I’ll take a couple days off in a week or so, just to keep me from goin nuts. I plan on taking off over a week during the time that we move, but that wont be until the beginning of November at the earliest. I am really looking forward to it. I’m gonna get to spend time doing projects around the house. I love building stuff, especially when it’s in my house. It’s been many years since I have lived in a house, and I miss doing yard work and painting and all the other stuff most people hate.

Only about a month and a half to go….

Weekends just aren’t long enough anymore. I had a good weekend, but got nothing done that I wanted too. We went to see the oriole’s get their asses handed to them on Friday. Aside from them sucking so badly, we still had a good time.

I slept till three on Saturday, since I had a total of like 10 hours of sleep all week. Steph and I went out to CPK, then did some shopping, and headed over to a friends place for a party. I was going to attempt round three against the firewall afterwards, but I had zero patience to deal with it, so I decided to just say forget about it, till this week.

Sunday, we went out to look at the new house, itz looking awesome. They have finished the bricks on the front, and we should be ready to do the pre-drywall inspection this week. If they keep on schedule, we should be ready to move in around the first or second week of November.

After the house, we met up with some friends and headed out to the zoo. Coming from that area, I had no idea how to get there, and apparently neither did anyone else in the car, so we wandered around the various ghettoz of dc until we finally stopped and got a map. The zoo is always fun, especially with Steph. The highlight of our trip was Steph saying wouldn’t it be funny if they started doing it. I guess the male took it as a dare, cuz he walked up to the female, lifted her tail, said this will do, and mounted her like a $2 whore.

After the zoo, we all headed back out to Va, and met up at the Macaroni Grill for dinner. Our server sucked, as they do about every other time we go. The food was good though, and itz always good going out with friends.