I know, I’m a slacker. I never update my journal these days. Here’s what’s been going on. Last week, I decided that I wanted to start doing streaming audio again since I actually have the bandwidth to do so. So I setup my shoutcast server, with the intention of doing streams occaisonaly. After I started streaming, a few people asked me if it was gonna be on all night, and I was like, ummm probably not. Then I realized that I wanted the stream up all the time, to listen to at work, and at my desk. So I started setting things up, and next thing ya know, there are 6.5 gigz of mp3’z on my HD. Last night I started setting up the website. It is in the fetal stage right now. I have a ton of things I will be doing. Most important, the design. Stephanie, my wondrful wife, is working on re-developing an old design she had done for one of my old sites. It’s gonna rawk! If you wanna check out the stream click here. Enjoy!