Where did my weekend go?

Seriously. Can I have it back?

All in all, it was a decent weekend. I took Friday off for no reason other than the fact that I work too much, and my boss thought I should take a day. After the whole being called several times thing from 3-4 AM, I finally got back to sleep at around 7, then got up at like 9. Wen downstairs and played the search and release game on at ticket bastard until I got some good seats for the Van Halen show. Ended up with some pretty decent seats, but the shit was completely over priced. Had coffee with Steph and Benny, then decided to go have lunch with a friend I never get to hang out with. My 12:00 lunch turned out to be an all day thing, as we sat and talked tech until 5PM. After Steph got home and we ate dinner, I spent the rest of the night working on more prep work for the big migration.

Didn’t do much yesterday. We had brunch at Clydes which is always excellent, then ran some errands and came home. We got a nice console table for the foyer, which Steph has been bugging me about for a while. I have to admit it looks pretty good, and she even built the thing herself! I spent the better part of the day & night working on stuff for this site. I got things looking the way I want now, and I’ve started uploading old content. I got all the Red vs Blue videos setup on a page, as well as the GI JOE PSA’s, and I have begun uploading old HOWTO’s & Docs that I’ve written in the past. I’m pretty happy with how things are coming together. WordPress has come a long way from the last time I set it up a couple of years ago.

Today, my company had a 5 year anniversary party for us. Since we are essentially a satellite office (we are headquartered in Santa Clara, CA), we basically get a budget to do whatever the hell we want. So we rented out the Dulles Golf Center & Sports Park, and had it catered by Famous Dave’s. It was a lot of fun! We hit some balls at the batting cage, emptied a couple of buckets at the driving range, played some basketball, and ate and drank beer. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Other than that, not a whole lot else going on. I’m waiting on some new flash tutorials to be developed for my hosting site, before I send out the notification on the migration. I’m thinking I’ll probably do it in 2 weeks.