Where has time gone?

How the hell is Thanksgiving in a few days? Seriously.

Just got back from combined work/vacation trip to California. Not counting the 4 days I was in Santa Clara, I drove 950 miles! It was a great trip though, and the little prius I rented served us well. We drove from Santa Clara, to San Francisco where we spent the day. Then drove from San Francisco to Monterey Bay, where we spent the night. Then from Monterey, to Hermosa Beach, where we spent 2 nights. Then to Rancho Mirage, where we spent the night. And finally on to San Diego (which of course in German means a whale’s vagina), where we spent the night, then flew home from there.

While I was out there on work, my boss messaged me and asked me if I could go to London in a few weeks to setup a new DC. so I said probably, just give me some dates. So when I got back to work today, he tells me that the Network Engineer will be arriving on 12/14 so I should be there around the same time. So I got my shit together and submitted my travel request for that trip today. Then I realized that when I come back, I’ll have 10 days off thanks to the Holiday shutdown! Sweet! This week is a short week too, since I only work through Weds.

Not much else going on. Sup wit choo?