Show you the difference between my gun and my pistol

Been a while since I posted anything of substance, so I figure I should write something. Things have been crazy the past couple of months. Without whining too much, work sucks. I’m ready to move on. After going on a last minute London trip, I was back for a little over a week, then it was vacation time.

As always, my West Coast trip was busy. We arrived in LA on the evening of 6/6. J & Mel picked us up from the airport and we went out for a nice Italian dinner, then hung out talking. The next morning we went and had breakfast, then it was back to the airport to fly down to Cabo. Cabo was great, but I’m not sure I’d ever return. We both like Cancun a lot more for various reasons. Anyhow, nothing eventful happened there. We just relaxed most of the time, and did a lot of walking on the beach.

We left Cabo on 6/12, and again were met by J & Mel at the airport. Had dinner, hung out all night. The next morning we hijacked a car, and headed out to Westlake Village for my brother’s wedding festivities, where I was the best man. After a long ride in traffic, we arrived in time to shower and go down for the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner. The wedding was at the Westlake Village Inn which is where most of the wedding party stayed as well. It was a really beautiful setting.

On Saturday, 6/14, I kidnapped my brother to keep him busy, and away from the bride. We returned to the hotel in the early afternoon and got ready for the wedding. Did photos for about an hour prior to the ceremony. The ceremony was really nice, on the lake, in front of a gazebo covered in flowers. After the ceremony, we did some more photos, then had the cocktail hour outside by the lake, where this cool acapella group wandered through the crowd singing oldies. The reception was a lot of fun. Anytime my family is together, it’s a good time. I didn’t write a speech, because I just couldn’t think of the right words, so I just winged it when the time came. It was short but sweet, and apparently people liked it. So I guess that’s a good thing.

My brother bought acoustic guitars for us grooms men, which I thought was the coolest idea, since we all sorta play. The idea was to bring them all down to the grotto where we could chill, and play. However, by the time I got them down there, it was late, and people were disappearing (including the bride and groom). Anyhow, a couple of guys picked them up and had a good time, so I guess all wasn’t lost.

Sunday 6/15 was father’s day, so we all got together to take my Grandfather (who’s always been like my father) out for brunch. After a nice meal, Stephanie and I packed up, and headed back down to the bay. We hung out with J & Mel, walked on the Strand, ate, then headed back to the airport for our red-eye home.

In other news, I got an Iron Cobra double bass pedal for my drums. It’s awesome, though it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be to train my left leg.

We saw Iron Maiden last Wednesday, and the show was killer. They sounded great, had an awesome set with roaming Eddie and all. found all kinds of my friends there, as could be expected.