Back to work today. I did not miss my office. Of course someone stole my laptop IP while I was gone, so the first thing I got to do was play the ping for open IP game. Then I find out that one of my production servers went down on Saturday, and our NOC didnt bother to escalate it. Luckily its only the secondary server, but if that primary went down, they woulda been fux0red. Oh well, their problem I guess. Time to go get some chili.

I am both physically and mentally drained. I have been completely exhausted so far this week. I am really enjoying my class, but my brain iz fried. I get to a certain point where I can’t take in anymore information, I never was good at school.

We went to Sting (big candy raver event) tonight. It was all right, not really my scene though. I feel like I am an old man when I go to any of these thingz anymore. I dig the music, but not enough to deal with the huge crowd of underage people. It was free though (aside from the $15 parking), so it was worth it. Thanks to Jason & his girlfriend Jessica. Off to bed I go.

I am so ready to go home. It will be so nice to not hafta come into the office for a week and a half. Too bad its not vacation though. Plus I hafta decide which loan offer to accept.

Another day, another dollar. I stayed up too late last night watching American History X. That movie kicked ass. If you havent seen it already, it’s about a nazi skinhead (Edward Norton) who after killing two people ends up in jail. When he gets released, his perspective on things has changed completely.. etc. I dont wanna give away the story, but it was very cool. Check it out if you havent already.

Got both hard drivez reformatted and partitioned in the web server. I don’t know that you will notice anything client-side, it was done mainly to re-allocate disk space from old partitions to give more to the ones that were starting to hurt. I also setup a caching nameserver last night. Now I just need to take the time to model our firewall, since the server is built and ready to go. Time to go get some food.

Nothin like hitting up hard times cafe for chili & beer. It always makes the rest of the day so much easier. I just realized this afternoon, that after tomorrow, I wont be back in my office for a whole 11 days! Now granted, I’m still working from home on Friday, and on call through Saturday, but I don’t hafta come out to bumfuck maryland everyday. Plus, I’m really looking forward to my cisco class next week.

Oh btw…
For those of you that are regualr visitors to either or, I apologize for downtime over the past two days. I have been making some adjustments to the www server, to make things run more efficiently. I will be bringing the server down again tonight for a while, to do some backups, and repartition the second drive.

My body is feeling the pressure of the lack of sleep, and excess stress. I felt like my heart was going to explode when I was coming into work.

For some reason, my damn NT Domain login at work keeps getting locked. It’s pissing me off. Of course IS has no idea what the problem is, so I juzt keep calling them to unlock it. I disconnected all of my network shares and rebooted, hopefully that will have done the trick. But hey,.. this is microshaft, nothing surprises me.

Just found out we were approved for a mortgage through Bank of America!!! Now I am just waiting to hear back from a couple more places, and I am sure that if BofA approved us, we wont have a problem elsewhere, so I can afford to shop for the best rate now.