Okay, you ever do something and forget to do one simple thing, and it completely hozez the whole thing? I do, I do! Last night I was repartitioning some space on the www server. This should be a relatively simple task since I was completely wiping out a 5g partition, then creating new partitions on it to move existing ones to.

So I unmount the partition, use fdisk, wipe out the existing partition, and create 3 new ones. Then rebooted (this would be where I fucked up). I forgot to format the partitions, so when linux is booting up, fsck starts spewing out the errors. Now had I realized right away what I had forgotten, this would have been easily recoverable. But I did not.

I look in fdisk, and see that there are a bunch of errors on the partitions, one of which was (what I though) an old partition that should have been removed. So I hit “d” fdisk says pick a partition (1-10) I hit “5” then “w” to save the table, then exit out of fdisk. It is now that I realize that I had forgotten to format before, so I format my 3 new partitions, and reboot.

Linux starts booting, and fsck gives me another error about a partition that should have been “swap”. I go into fstab and realize that something got fucked up some how, and hda7 and hda8 some how switched. I fixed this and rebooted.

Linux boots fine this time. I log in, and type in an alias that I use, and get an error. I immediately knew what happened. /home was gone! somehow, the partitions had all gotten switched around, and /home ended up getting formatted. DOH!

Luckily, unless my users were doing so without my knowledge, there was nothing terribly important on this partition. I lost a lot of misc. stuff that I kept in my home dir, but nothing I can’t live without. Thank god /www /usr & /var are all on another disk.

Oh well, shit happens! This is how I learn all the stuff I know. Make a dreadful mistake, don’t ever do it again.

Bleh, another Monday morning. Hopefully something good will come out of today though. I am waiting on word from two lenders about the mortgage. I just want to get this part done already, so I can focus on things towards the actual move. I have been very reluctant to do anything, in the slight chance that we might not get this house. Once I know that I have a loan, it’s all downhill from there. And on the plus side, bell satanik (verizon), has ended the strike 99%. Of course the slackers out in front of my offices are still striking. I guess this is because their regional hq is around the corner.

Went out to see the house today, itz looking great! After taking some picz and looking around inside, we went over to the sales office to take care of some paperwork. Much to our surprise, the paperwork was so change who we were getting our loan through, so that the builder would still pay $5000 at closing! Apparently, since we were turned down by their “preferred” lender, we still qualify for it. This is a huge weight lifted off of us, as we have the money, just would much rather spend it on other stuff once we move in.

After we were done there, I drove us over to Great Falls, Va. I have never actually been into the park in all the time I’ve lived in Va. It was great! We hiked for a couple hours, and climbed around like dumb asses on the rocks. I think I will buy an annual national park pass once we move, cuz we’re only about 15 minutes from there, and of course we’ll be closer to the Shenandoah Mountains, which are always fun to visit. Check out Steph’s journal for picz from both.

Friday is over! now I get to go sit in wonderful pissy weather, dc friday evening rush hour traffic.
j o y

It’s finally friday! I have no motivation to get anything done today. I just want the day to be over, so I can enjoy the weekend. I think I’ll hide my cell phone all weekend, so that I don’t get woken up by moronz all weekend. My back iz killing me today, must be the rain. bleh time to do some work.

Ahhh…. BT was good. I’m completely over the whole club thing though. I don’t miss being there at all. Almost got in a fight with some dork. That was exciting. Now I am tired, and ready for tomorrow to be over already, so I can enjoy the weekend and try to get some rest. I am on call all week next week, which meanz I will likely not get much sleep :p

Well,.. another day, another dollar. Woke up very tired this morning, more so than usual. This 4 hourz sleep per night shit, has got to stop. I guess I’m getting old hehe

I have a long day of work, and talking to loan officers all day. It’s barrells of fun. They call Steph first, and she just goes “ummm, you should talk to Dan”. and gives em my number. They all seem fairly nice though, so I don’t mind terribly. Just want the money!

Tonight is the BT show! I am pretty stoked about it. If ya dunno who BT is, I’d suggest checkin him out. He 0wnz j00!!!

I have been calling, and calling, and calling, this mortgage guy for the past three weeks or so, since we met with him. First he told us that we lacked credit references, and that they were trying to work around the normal requirements, but he didn’t think we would have any problems. He asked us to write a couple of letters showing our ability to save cash, and why we have a lack of credit.

So we did, faxed em to him over two weeks ago. Waited a few days, called him, no answer,… left message. Next day, called him, no answer,… left message. A few days later, Called him, said he was out of the office for a few days, and that the underwriter was not in today, but he would have him/her look over our case tomorrow. Wait a couple days, call him again, no answer,.. left message. Call again the next day, he says he’s been busy working on another case that is closing in ten days, so he has not been able to take care of ours. This is semi-understandable, considering that our house wont be finished till November.

So another few days go by, and I call him today. He says, sorry, the underwriter has been out the past couple days, and I know I have been putting off your case, so I will go talk to him/her now, and I’ll call you back. At this point, I’m expecting to not hear back from him as usual, and figured, I’d call him back tomorrow to pester him some more.

I get a call about an hour later from him, saying that the underwriter spoke with thier most lenient lender, and that they would not approve us, due to the same reasons that he told us they were working around. He basicly tells me we need to establish more credit, and maintain it for a year, then they will approve us.

At this point I am completely pissed off, since he was leading me to believe that we would be approved, and would not find out otherwise, so that we could make other arangements. Now not only have we signed the contract on the house already, and it is being built to our specs, but we will also have to pay an additional $5000 at closing since they are the “prefered” lender for our builder, and have some sort of deal.

Basicly, we have about 2 weeks to find someone that will give us a loan, and come up with an extra 5k.

Who turned the stress switch back on?

Back to work today, after I ended up taking yesterday off due to my being here till 1am on sunday. Got my car stereo installed yesterday, I feel like such a dumbass. My friend and I tried to do it last week, and we could not get the OEM out. We even called acura, and they were like, “oh you have to remove all of the paneling around the bottom of the dash, and there will be two gold screws” 3 hours later and a stripped down dash, no joy! This dude did it in 20 minutes yesterday. He was like, “did you try to do it yourself”? I said “yeah” he’s like “I saw the pry marks”. hehe oh well. It’s in, it rockz! now I juzt need an amp and a flyass infinity perfect sub, and i’ll be oontz’n my way through dc.