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Okay, I missed this last week. I would buy this just for the bottle. \m/



Automated firewall iplist updates

So I’ve used pingdom for years to monitor servers/services related to my hosting business www.serve-you.net. They offer a great service at a reasonable price, so I don’t have to setup my own monitoring hosts. They have tons of monitoring servers around the globe, which is a good way to not only monitor the up/down status, but also latency/page load times, etc.

The problem I often have though, is that monitoring servers are added/removed fairly often. I usually have pretty strict firewall rules on my servers, so allowing these servers is a must, since the activities that they perform is often seen as an attack. Pingdom publishes a list of active servers in the control panel, but keeping up with this and manually updating my firewall rules (I use CSF on my cPanel servers) can be a pain. Luckily Pingdom also has an RSS feed with the server list, though it’s in XML format of course. So I finally got around to setting up a script to automate updating the firewall rules daily with this list.

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Why is all of Ashburn at IHOP at 11 on a Thursday?

Let’s go caps!

Just saw headline ‘ ford recalls 129k sedans. Wheels could fall off’ no joke!

Way to screw up tradition ucla. #fighton #beatthebruins

Trojans came up big with the “upset” win over oregon! BCS chaos! Come on Baylor.

So much for enjoying a night out watching sports. Shitty dj just came out. I’ve been warned of karaoke to come…

So long cali, it’s been great.