Mozilla Bespin Is a Killer Web-Based Text Editor

The folks behind Firefox have unveiled a new project today called Bespin, an extensible, web-based text editor that lives in the cloud.

At first blush, Bespin may not seem all that special—after all, web-based word processors are a dime a dozen these days. But Bespin isn’t just another word processor. Primarily, Bespin is a text editor—the kind you’d use for editing code or managing text-based todos. Using Bespin, developers could collaborate on projects through a unified interface (that still supports plugins!) no matter where they are—so long as they’ve got a browser.

That’s not to say that Bespin won’t also make for a killer word processor someday, too. Like I said, it’s built to be extensible much like Firefox is, so a user could conceivably install a plugin that would turn Bespin into a straight-up word processing app, too. The point, though, is that Bespin is full of potential.

There are tons of really cool things happening with Bespin, so be sure to watch the video for a detailed look or sign up at the Bespin homepage and try out the demo. Developers and plain text lovers, let’s hear if you think Bespin could someday replace your favorite text editors in the comments.