Queued Is a Fantastic Front End to Netflix

Windows/Mac/Linux: Free application Queued is a desktop application that manages your Netflix queue, whether you’re online or not.

Why would you need a desktop browser for Netflix, you ask? Well, you don’t need one, really. Netflix has a pretty good web site, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be better. Queued has an attractive, snappy interface. It’s fast, it’s well laid out, and it even works when you’re not connected to the internet—so you can reorder, add new movies, or browse your queue whether or not you’re online. It achieves this little piece of functionality by downloading and saving every piece of data it can while you’re browsing online—so it saves movie posters, descriptions, search results, and more.

The argument against apps like Queued is always the same: Why do I need a desktop application when I’ve already got the web site? If you’re in that boat, Queued is probably not for you. But if you like the idea of desktop and offline access, notifications, and more, Queued is a nice little idea. (It’d be even better if it could pull off better Watch Instantly integration.) Queued is a free, open-source app, requires Adobe Air.